Bowser Bash

As a child, I used to play a game called National Neopian on Neopets. Unfortunately, this game is no longer playable with the deprication of Flash. So I wanted to re-create this game for the sake of nostalgia!

This project is created using jQuery. When the user presses the spacebar key on the start page, multiple things occur. Characters begin to appear on the page at different intervals, the level counter begins to increase after a certain amount of time.

Home page of Bowser Bash. Shows game title, and instructors on how to play.

The amount of characters used makes this game a little more complicated. There are four characters: two of which result in an increase of points when caught, and two which result in a decrease in points.

To determine the points system, I determined what character was in the door, and whether the user was correct, and how many points to give or take. On top of that, I had to make sure that characters would not appear in the same door at the same time.

Game play screen of Bowser Bash. There are four boxes side by side, with two characters inside two different boxes. Underneath each box is the keyboard key that corresponds to it.

Next Steps

  • - Make playable on mobile
  • - Add a more designed page when user wins the game
  • - Add functions to make code more clean
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